I live in Burnham Slough and specialise in the preparation of 11+ for the Slough Consortium, Buckinghamshire schools and Reading schools. I can prepare students in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning. I have a 99% pass rate. I accept students from the beginning of year 4 and work a comprehensive programme through the school year and the summer holidays. We work in specific areas which culminate in exam preparation in the final summer holiday before the exams are sat at the beginning of year 6


I have accumulated experience of many private and independent schools throughout the country over several years. I teach students specifically in English , Maths and Verbal reasoning. I can also teach History and Science.


I can help students prepare for their SATS at the end of year 6 to make sure they obtain the best possible scores before they begin their secondary school career.

key stage 3

Many students like to have extra tuition during this period because they are experiencing difficulties in specific areas of their education. This is important to iron out now before the crucial years of their GCSE. An example of this is helping students to understand how to write an analytical essay.


Covering: English Language, English Literature, History, Geography, Sociology, Religious Studies.

A level

English Language; English Literature; History; Politics; Sociology; Religious Studies; Philosophy and Ethics

Academic Mentoring

Students and parents often need advice that is specific to their situation. I am able to assist to provide guidance with regard to suitable schools, suitable A level courses and suitable college courses including assistance with the personal statement.